Monday, March 19, 2012

Tool 11

YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am soo happy this is the end!

My favorite tools have been the Avitar and then the wallwisher - very cool and very usable! I think that the wallwisher I will be using very soon - I think that the kids would like a vote in what to play for music.

I think that I am and have been always changing with technology. I do think that it is important to keep growing and using blogging of course is a way to achieve this. I think that I never really thought about Digital Citizenship. That made me sit back and remember about our responsibility with our students.

Not really - I think that it was an interesting experience.

Tool 10

Digital Citizenship is a tricky thing to deal with. I think many kids are understandable and already good about this at school, but of course this will still have to be dealt with. I think that usage of equipment and common sense and manners and things that I will be stressing. It is amazing what can be found on the web to help with this.

We always email with parents through our own website and through a system called Charms. This will still be done, and I think through constant communication things can be done.

Tool 9

Unfortunately, the world of technology for music is not as forward as many other areas. It is understandable. To teach a musician, you have to told how to old your body, arms, hands, and fingers correctly. There are a few apps that can be bought to "teach" music, but in all honesty, it isn't something that I would use in everyday life.

It is cool to see everything out there and there are a few good apps that I have downloaded like metronomes and tuners, but as for now - that is all.

Tool 8

I already have Mac devices, and so far haven't learned anything new than I already did know. I try hard to keep updated.

I do like that I will be able to use the iPad to take video of our kids playing. They need to watch themselves in real time to understand what problems they might be having with bow placement and hearing items. Then as soon as they see that, I can move straight to a youtube of a professional orchestra performing the same piece so they can see what they do as well.

Tool 7

I think that Skype is a great way to interact with others in the country for what we do.
There are many ways that this would work.

The first thing that we can do is that we can use this to work along side our schools in the district. Many times we do a district wide concert and we try to work on pieces that the middle and high school can play together - with skype we can see how each other is playing and possibly even play at the same time.

Just like the above I think that this would work when we are working on cultural pieces. If we are able to Skype with other countries, when we are playing pieces that lets say come from China, we can Skype with them and then the kids will have a better understanding of how to perform.

Tool 6

I used the Wallwasher -- I think that using this and including the Google Doc to send out that I want students to reply would give kids the ability to reply and feel involved in helping make decisions on what to play.

You can click on the link to see the page.

Tool 5

This would work for us or the kids to do to get involved in just getting kids intrigued.

Wordle: BigMo

This is an example of how we do our character goals. I think this can be used every year.